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Get Results: Launch Your B2B Webinar Like A Boss

About this webinar

We here in the B2B space know how important it is to help your leads and customers see the value in your business.

And webinars are an excellent way to make this happen—but what are the best practices of this medium? It's a newer method for engagement and there's lots of misinformation floating around to sift through.

Feeling lost?

You're not alone, which is why we've asked our friends at Livestorm to help us host a webinar on how to launch a B2B webinar successfully from start to finish. As one of the fastest-growing webinar startup solutions, Livestorm's founder has the inside scoop on how-tos, dos-and-don'ts and much more!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to setup and launch your B2B webinar for success.
  • Why your audience matters, and how to tailor your webinar with focus.
  • How to track success—which metrics work best for tracking effectiveness.
  • Q-&-A, and much more!

Your Special Guest:

Gilles Bertaux | Co-Founder and CEO @ Livestorm

Gilles is currently on a mission to help you talk to more customers or prospects at once. To achieve that, he launched Livestorm to help make webinars smarter, simpler and more efficient. In his previous life, he worked on growth at Mention, and design with TOTEM. And when he's not busy perfecting the Livestorm experience, he can be found writing and reading about products, startups and technology.

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  • Guest speaker
    Gilles Bertaux Co-founder, CEO @ Livestorm

    Co-Founder/CEO @Livestormapp


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