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Performance in Focus: Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best

About this event

Learnerbly Live: Performance in Focus

Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best

About this event

Business growth is never easy but it’s made easier when your people perform at their best.

And your people can only perform well if they have clarity on what they need to do to deliver results and drive impact. As a People person, it’s your job to give them that clarity—the good news is, you’re not in it alone!

Come along to our panel discussion where other People leaders will compare and contrast their approaches to building a high-performance culture. Learn from different perspectives and leave with the most relevant insights for your organisation.

🧱 Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best
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What you’ll get from attending this event

💡 By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of:

  • What high-performance is and what it can achieve
  • Approaches you can take in measuring your people’s performance
  • The ways you can enable your people to meet performance expectations
  • Different strategies you can use for fueling performance in your organisation

This event is for you if…

✅ You’re a People leader looking to make a tangible contribution to the success of your organisation

✅ You want to support your people in delivering against business objectives

✅ You want to give your people clarity on how they can grow and improve in their roles

✅ The business you work for has ambitious goals that need to be met

Meet the panel

Lauren Gomes, Head of People Experience — Learnerbly

She leads and advises on People & Culture strategy, and is evangelising the concept of People Experience as a Product. She thrives in fast environments and has a background supporting businesses in hyper growth such as ASOS.com, Booking.com, and iTech Media.

Lauren is trailblazing in the People space and actively open sources her experiences at Learnerbly with the People community.

Ronen Mendelovitz, Learning & Development Manager — WeTransfer

When starting his career 20 years ago nobody knew how the term Learning & Development (or 'L&D' in short, that became slang for continuous learning) would have such an essential place in the industry.

As a young trainer, Ronen experienced the shift from the traditional classroom with the overhead projector of transparent slides (if you're not sure what it is, ask your parents) to multi-disciplinary platforms and innovative knowledge sharing that carries the employees in their constant development.

Since the beginning of the century, he has fulfilled varied L&D roles in multinationals such as Google and Tesla, working as an independent consultant for individuals, teams, and start-ups. Currently, Ronen is now fully emersed at WeTransfer with the privilege to support their talented and creative employees in their growth.

What motivates him in life is to experience relevant new learning paths, and is grateful to help others find theirs. He believes that as long as we continue to search and be curious - we'll be more complete and happy with our choices and achievements.

Henrik Malmquist, Head of People — Tails.com

Henrik is the Head of People at Tails.com. He works with People/HR topics because he loves to develop the business through people. He likes to bridge the business needs with people related solutions and to be a soundboard for the people he partners with.

Henrik brings experience from large international retailers to fast growing e-commerce businesses. In 2020, tails.com was recognised as the 27th best place to work (Sunday times).

Moderated by

Marie Krebs, PX Design Lead — Learnerbly

Marie is the PX Design Lead at Learnerbly, a curated learning marketplace that’s on a mission to build the best place anyone will ever work at.

She’s like a Product Manager, except the product is the employee experience. And the users? Learnerbly employees! Together with her team, they create and drive a people-centric and high-performance culture for Learnerbly and the Learnerbees to grow & thrive.

She also co-founded People Stories, a remote London-centric community of progressive People people who are eager to make the world of work a better place.


Learnerbly is an L&D marketplace that equips your people with the upskilling they need to perform at their best.

Our approach is all about tapping into the potential of your people and your business. How do we do that? We make learning relevant, engaging and worth. your. while.

The Learnerbly marketplace is home to 250+ learning providers and your people are guided to the resources they need to succeed in their roles and deliver against company priorities. That means you’re investing in the development of your people without wasting money on unused, blanket subscriptions.

By giving your people access to the best learning content around, they can give you theirs. Because companies with high-performing cultures driven by learning are more productive, more innovative and more profitable. They also keep their top talent around longer. That’s the power of great L&D.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ronen Mendelovitz Learning & Development Manager @ WeTransfer

  • Guest speaker
    Henrik Malmquist Head of People @ Tails.com


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Learnerbly is on a mission to make workplace relevant, effective, and equitable.

Our platform has a built- in marketplace hosting 250+ quality providers, carefully curated to give your company the competitive edge in skill development.