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CPD Webinar: Protecting Quayside and Coastal Development Against Slide and Deformation

About this event


When constructing a quayside and coastal development, soft ground conditions often call for the use of lighter fills to guard against slide or deformation which can damage structures. A number of solid berth structures have been successfully built over recent years using Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate.

It can be used to an advantage in many quay designs such as sheet pile, sheet pile cell and caisson structures and is also used as fill replacement in solid berth structures when quayside waters are dredged to greater depths. The stresses and strain of a fluctuating tide to a retaining structure can also be reduced with Leca® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate limiting horizontal pressures from the material being retained.

CPD Webinar Session

During this session our technical team will highlight what makes LECA® LWA an effective and resource saving solution within large scale quayside construction.

Key areas for webinar:

  • •Why lightweight aggregate is suitable for Quayside development?
  • •Case studies where LECA® LWA has been applied to Quayside design in the UK
  • •Technical specification and certification
  • •Q&A session with the technical team

*All attendees will receive a CPD Certificate.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Johnny Tse Marketing Communications @ Leca UK

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Branford Technical @ Leca UK


Together We Build For The Future

LECA® LWA is used extensively as a lightweight fill for civil engineering and structural applications. Through promotion and specification, our client base is continually finding further solutions and interesting uses for this special product.