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Streamlining B2B payment: a key driver for the digitalization of your company

About this event

Inherent to the rise of the B2B marketplace model, the B2B payments ecosystem follows a deep digital transformation trend. However, despite representing a huge financial opportunity in terms of volumes, the B2B sector is having trouble catching up with the constant innovations of B2C payments but is still rapidly evolving.

Facing difficulties and inefficiencies with manual management, this digitalisation also represents a way to address traditional B2B payment pain points. Optimizing, automating, bringing more efficiency and speed in B2B financial flows management is a promise brought by the latest trends of B2B payment and innovations.

API-based payment systems to bring flexibility, B2B virtual wallets for digital payment initiation, instant payment methods for faster financial operations, B2B virtual cards as a new payment method...

Join us along with Mastercard and EPSA to explore every aspect of the digitalisation of B2B payment and future trends of this booming B2B marketplace sector.

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  • Guest speaker
    JH G
    Jan Heylen

  • Guest speaker
    LC G
    Ludovic Ciannarella Regional Manager Western Europe & DACH @ Lemonway

  • Team member
    Karine Coutinho VP Marketing & Communications @ Lemonway

  • Guest speaker
    IW G
    Ivan Wallaert Managing Director @ EPSA Market Place


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