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Grow Better Series: High growth sales and marketing for fitness professionals with Brad Modrich

About this webinar

High growth sales and marketing for fitness professionals presented by LEON.


Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 at 11 am ET

High growth sales is a team sport, but it's not as easy as showing up and closing deals day in and day out. Successful fitness professionals know to really be successful in the fitness industry, learning how to sell and close is a MUST.

How do you prospect for new clients?

Are you and your staff aligned with the mission of your organization?

How do you sell while still driving customer service and avoiding the hard sell mentality.

Join us for a conversation with Brad Modirch, former Vice President of Sales at LA Fitness International, where we'll dive into the habits and structures critical to designing and running a highly effective sales organization. Whether you're a lone wolf or are managing a team of folks, LEON's goal for this discussion is to highlight proven tactics that you can apply in your day to day.

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    Bryan Smith Cofounder @ LEON Health

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    Brad Modrich

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