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Growing Your Club Retention & Referrals

About this event

The fitness industry is more competitive than ever before but CLUBS have the upper hand. The way in which your team, your space and your offerings can motivate members is unmatched. During this in-depth education session, we’ll discuss the power of motivated members, exactly HOW much they contribute to your business growth, and how to leverage them to the fullest to maximize member retention and referrals.

Join Mario Tarquinio and Alice Apfelbach as they share insights, best practices in how to keep your team and your members motivated, and most importantly, a conversation with Andy Haugen, President of Princeton Clubs, highlighting what motivation looks like at his clubs, and how they're challenging and inspiring members to become better versions of themselves.

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    Alice Apfelbach Customer Experience Manager @ Les Mills US

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    Mario Tarquinio Business Development Director @ Les Mills

    Mario brings over ten years of experience in the fitness industry having served in many roles from General Manager to Vice President of Sales. He thrives on helping new and existing partners to create an engaging environment that will help members fall in love with fitness and their facility.

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A global leader in group fitness programming, Les Mills has been providing people with innovative ways to exercise for over 50 years. Les Mills is the creator of 20 science-backed group fitness programs that are delivered by 140,000 certified instructors in 20,000 clubs across 100 countries.