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Instructor Webinar Series: The Science of Healthy Muscle Development

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Join US TAP Team Members Judson MacDonald and Cameron Jones for an Instructor Education Webinar on the Science of Healthy Muscle Development. Having optimal muscle allows us to protect our joints, be more active and control weight gain by absorbing more calories at rest. Today we will specifically be looking at how to grow and develop muscle for health benefits. We will explore mechanisms of hypertrophy, how to organize numbers of sets and reps to maximize muscle growth, weight selection, training to failure versus fatigue, exercise selection, the differences between split and total body routines, tempos or speed of repetitions, periodizing training for best results, how males and females respond to resistance training, and where BODYPUMP fits in to conventional resistance training models

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    Luca Callini

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    Judson MacDonald - he/him

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    Les Mills Marketing Specialist @ Les Mills

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A global leader in group fitness programming, Les Mills has been providing people with innovative ways to exercise for over 50 years. Les Mills is the creator of 20 science-backed group fitness programs that are delivered by 140,000 certified instructors in 20,000 clubs across 100 countries.