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How to get from reactive to proactive planning on your multi-storey construction sites thanks to Lean & Digitisation

About this event

Long and short-term planning of all construction site-related activities is the key to delivering a construction project with minimal waste. Lean construction teams use collaborative planning methodologies and "daily stands".

In this webinar, we will show you how to work more efficiently using the different phases from Last Planner System® "Should do - Could do - Will do - Doing/Done - Improve" to get out of the daily fire mode, eliminate waste and reduce lead time and costs.

This webinar is tailored for operations managers, project managers, site managers and planners at general contractors, developers and other companies working on construction sites & multi-storey projects (e.g. apartments or offices), who are looking for ways to execute projects more proactively and efficiently.

More and more construction teams are moving away from traditional top-down working practices towards teamwork and collaboration using good Lean Building practices. By combining Lean methodology with the right digital tools, it becomes possible for project managers to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with all construction partners. This new way of working is aimed at increasing the reliability of project delivery, reducing last-minute stress and chaos, and improving project results.

During this webinar you will discover how:

  • Micro-zoning and optimisation of master planning improve project turnaround time
  • Upward digital procurement and document planning and follow-up, linked to that master planning, ensures the preparation of the execution phase
  • Contractors and subcontractors plan better together in the short term
  • Daily monitoring and follow-up are supported by digital tools
  • Daily stands meetings run optimally to avoid loss of time
  • Digital tools and 3D models provide a constant view of how your project is performing
  • Effective initiation of collaborative improvement actions on the project

You can also access our previous lean planning webinars, showcasing Eiffage case study in French and Democo case study in Dutch.

About Improof Constructions

Improof Constructions helps construction partners develop the lean skills of their teams to increase their competitiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction.


About LetsBuild

LetsBuild provides planning and communication software that enables real-time collaboration and a direct view of what is happening on the construction site.


Hosted by

  • Team member
    Gregory Culpin VP Marketing @ LetsBuild

  • Guest speaker
    Christof Frenay Co-founder @ Improof Constructions

  • Team member
    Peter Drechsler Poulsen VP Product @ LetsBuild


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