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Increasing your project’s reliability through digitalised Lean best practices

About this event

Get out of the daily firefighter mode. Anticipate and visualise the construction flow in the team to improve reliability and control over your projects.

What is it about:

This webinar is tailor-made for operations managers, project managers, site managers, and planners at general contractors and other companies looking to find ways to operate projects more efficiently.

More of our clients are focusing on putting planning at the center of daily on site operations. They are nowadays moving away from traditional top-down working practices towards teamwork and collaboration using Lean Construction best practices. This new way of working aims to build higher reliability on project delivery, reducing last minute stress and chaos, creating a better atmosphere for all parties involved.

In this webinar, you will learn and discover how Letsbuild functionalities support Last Planner® System practices in the upstream flow of your projects:

  • Leveraging flow and micro-zones to optimise project lead time
  • Managing milestones and phase scheduling collaboratively
  • Communicating and managing constraints and preparation through integrated planning involving all relevant parties

About Improof Constructions

Improof Constructions helps businesses in construction grow the capabilities of their people to increase competitiveness, profit, and client satisfaction.

Meet the hosts

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Gilles Kartheuser Co-founder @ Improof Constructions

  • Team member
    TG T
    Thomas Goubau


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