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How to place planning at the centre of your projects to protect your margins and deliver faster

About this event

Report progress on tasks in real-time and make planning the heartbeat of your project

Planning is at the heart of every construction project but all too often, the master schedule doesn’t reflect reality on site. In this webinar, we will show you how you can import your project plan into LetsBuild and bring it to life in a real-time dynamic environment. The schedule gets updated with data straight from the site. No more chasing people with phone calls, emails, or text messages.

Make sure that your schedule always reflects reality so that you can focus on tasks that really add value

Like that, you can consistently make sure your team contributes to the schedule whether you are on site or not. And that’s not all! Enabling all stakeholders to work on the same programme will keep everyone aligned and make it easier for them to hold their commitments as well as take ownership for resolving any constraints that might come in the way.

This is how you bring peace of mind back to your projects, protect your margins and keep commercial claims away.

What you will learn

  • Make your plan easily available to everyone
  • Report progress on tasks in real time
  • Get visibility and clarity of where your project really is
  • Synchronise your different project schedules
  • Save time by generating reports directly from LetsBuild

Monitor everything & stay on schedule

Prevent time-waste, detect mistakes early and deliver projects sooner thanks to a clear and complete view of your on-site progress.

With LetsBuild, information from the site is reflected directly in the 3-6 week plan, which in turn can be synced with the master programme, imported from your favourite planning tool. Maintaining an up-to-date master programme with LetsBuild is as easy as pushing a button.

What would that kind of planning do for you?

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    Jason Ruddle Regional VP @ LetsBuild

    I am passionate about construction; the advancements technology has made and am always curious to find new solutions that can help construction companies improve the way we construct today and in the future. Feel free to reach out and get in touch.


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