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The best practices to streamline quality inspections & communication through different stages of Offshore Wind Farm development

About this event

Offshore wind projects are expanding at a rapid pace, with new turbines coming online every day. Fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning are challenging in the harsh environment as well as operational efficiency; delays can cost millions on average per year, and when quality, safety or communication issues occur it might take some time to be reported and tracked back.

To ensure the right quality, safety and efficiency of offshore wind farm construction and operations, it is necessary to have digital processes and tools in order to have real-time reporting and communication, allowing management to get an overview of the projects status and any issue/Non-conformity raised offshore. ✔︎

Consolidate quality, safety & communication with digital tools 📲

Join us for this informative webinar, where we will be showcasing how major offshore wind stakeholders, from developers to subcontractors, leverage digital tools like LB Aproplan to streamline quality and communication on offshore wind projects.

This webinar is tailored for offshore wind farm quality and operation managers, quality inspectors, engineers and packages managers who are looking for ways to manage quality inspections & safety processes more effectively, improve communication and share real-time data between the site & the office.

The construction industry is being disrupted by digitised tools that have many advantages, including increased reliability, quality, safety, traceability and communication. These advancements can be applied to speciality projects such as offshore wind farms for a more efficient workflow. 🏗

During this webinar you will discover how:

  • To digitally create snags on the problems/parts that need to be replaced and improve your quality inspections
  • To standardise quality & safety inspection processes to comply with all regulations
  • To simplify & communicate easier daily reports
  • Some of our clients in Offshore Wind that use LB Aproplan

LB Aproplan

Manage defects, handovers and standardised QHSE checklists, without wasting time on excessive data input or detailed report preparation - with LB Aproplan.


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LetsBuild provides planning and communication software that enables real-time collaboration and a direct view of what is happening on the construction site.


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