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Le Wagon invites you to their event

Global Data Science Alumni Panel

About this event

What is a Global Data Science Alumni Panel?

Wondering what our Data Science bootcamp look like across different cities and what to expect once you've graduated?

You'll hear the experience of our graduates from the challenges to the accomplishments.

👉 What were you doing before the batch and why did you decide to do Le Wagon Data Science course?

👉 What were the challenges during the bootcamp?

👉 When did everything start to click?

👉 Do you have any interview tips?


• 5 min: Le Wagon Introduction

• 35 min: Hear our Alumni's journey

• 20 min: Q&A

About Le Wagon

Le Wagon offers immersive 9-week Data Science Bootcamps providing professionals from all backgrounds with the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, join a data science team, or launch their own startup.

From Python fundamentals to advanced Machine and Deep Learning, you will learn how to collect, explore, clean, and transform data into actionable business insights. You will also discover how to implement Machine Learning models from start to finish in a production environment, working in teams with the best-in-class tool belt.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jesse Lehrke

  • Guest speaker
    Lorélie Mani Paris @ Le Wagon

  • Guest speaker
    Brigitta Bartsch

  • Guest speaker
    Aron Sarosi

  • Guest speaker
    Christophe Arendt Paris @ Le Wagon

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Le Wagon is the most acclaimed coding bootcamp worldwide according to student reviews and has enabled thousands of people to change their careers.