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Post-COVID Syndrome, Vaccinations and TCM featuring Dr. John Chen

About this event

Join Lhasa OMS as we host Dr. John Chen for a 1-hour webinar on Post-COVID Syndrome and treatment options to help patients achieve complete recovery from the COVID-19 infection. Although millions of patients survive acute COVID-19 and later test negative for the virus, they are unable to return to their normal life and daily activities. A great number of patients now suffer from Post-COVID Syndrome, a condition that includes damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, and the nerves. The most common symptoms include fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, brain fog, loss of smell and taste and for many others, a lot more. Dr. Chen will also discuss supporting vaccinated patients.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • Gain a better understanding of Post-COVID Syndrome
  • Multiple treatments for patients with Post-COVID symptoms
  • How to help patients achieve a complete recovery from COVID-19 symptoms

Who Should Attend:

  • Practitioners and Students looking to learn more about treating patients with Post-COVID symptoms
  • Practitioners and Students with questions about treating COVID symptoms
  • Practitioners and Students with questions about vaccinations and TCM

About Our Speaker:

Dr. John Chen, Ph.D., Pharm.D., O.M.D., L.Ac. | Medical Consultant, Evergreen Herbs & Medical Supplies

Dr. John Chen’s participation in the family tradition has led him to become a recognized authority in both western pharmacology and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He has taught herbology and pharmacology at:

  • University of Southern California School of Pharmacy
  • University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, California
  • Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, California
  • Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Los Angeles, California
  • Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington
  • Five Branches Institute, San Jose, California
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  • Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Texas
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier, California
  • American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, California

Dr. Chen is currently a member of the Herbal Medicine Committee for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; he is an herbal consultant for the California State Oriental Medical Association and is on the review/editorial committee for American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Program, and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Chen has published numerous articles and several books. His most recently published works are Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology (2003, AOM Press) and Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications (2008, AOM Press) for which he was lead author.

“The effectiveness of treatment is of utmost concern to me, for each and every patient. The safety, quality, and potency of the herbs are crucial factors in determining treatment outcome. My goal is to make both Western and Oriental medical communities aware of herbal alternatives to drugs, and of the importance of identifying herb-drug interactions. I hope to see us eventually bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine by integrating use of herbs and related TCM modalities with modern technological medicine.”

Hosted by

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    Jeffrey Bloom Education Marketing Manager @ Lhasa OMS, Inc

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    Dr. John Chen Ph.D., Pharm.D., O.M.D., L.Ac. @ Evergreen Herbs

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    Carl Schwartz Chief Customer Officer @ Lhasa OMS

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