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The Thirteen Ghost Points: Understanding the Mystery of this Alchemical Treatment

About this event

Join Lhasa OMS as we host, Leta Herman, Founder of the Alchemy Learning Center for her FREE webinar, The Thirteen Ghost Points: Understanding the Mystery of this Alchemical Treatment.

The Thirteen Ghost Points are well known in Chinese Medicine and Philosophy but are still sometimes daunting to understand for many practitioners. The Thirteen Ghost Points treatment was created by Sun Simiao, “The King of Medicine” in China. His famous Ode of the Thirteen Ghost Points explains a mysterious treatment that can heal all types of strange ailments.

Thousands of years ago, well-known Daoist Chinese Medicine practitioners created different protocols to help us cleanse on all three levels (body/mind/spirit) and get rid of Xie Qi (Evil Qi). These techniques, including the Thirteen Ghost Points, are ritualistic treatments have been passed down, generation after generation.

In this webinar, Leta Herman will share her Alchemical Healing experiences from practicing for the past 20 years, and specifically her work with the Thirteen Ghost Points, an ancient Chinese Medicine treatment for releasing whatever is haunting a person in life and breaking up cellular and emotional patterns.

This webinar is an introduction to the Thirteen Ghost Points as an Alchemical treatment for practitioners or anyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating treatment.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • An overview of the Thirteen Ghost points
  • When this type of Alchemical treatment is helpful and why
  • How an Alchemical Treatment is done with time not being a limiting factor
  • How the Ghost Points can be integrated and used in Modern Day practice
  • How the Ghost Points can benefit the practitioner in their own personal lives

Who Should Attend:

  • Acupuncturists and Acupressurists interested in learning more about an Alchemical approach to Chinese Medicine
  • Practitioners and Students who are focused on the psycho-emotional aspects of treatment
  • Practitioners and Students looking to add to their Treatment Tool Box

About our Speaker:

Leta Herman is a Chinese Medicine instructor and practitioner, co-founder of The Alchemy Learning Center and The Alchemy Healing Center, author, presenter/speaker, and podcast co-host of The Inspired Action Podcast. Long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, she offers a wide range of Alchemy treatments and workshops based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements at her clinic in Massachusetts and on her travels throughout the world. Https://AlchemyHealingCenter.com

Listen to Leta's Inspired Action Podcast here, https://inspiredactionpodcast.com/.

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    Leta Herman Leta Herman

    Author, Healer, Alchemist, Co-Author of the Energy of Love, Connecting the Circle, and The Big Little Book of Gua Sha.

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