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Lienwaivers Powered by Built invites you to their event

How To Electronically Send And Track ALL Of Your Lien Waivers From QuickBooks and Sage!

About this event

Do you ever wish there was a better way to manage lien waivers? 

If you are not 100% thrilled about all that time you spend printing lien waivers, stuffing envelopes, and calling subcontractors to track down lien waivers, you are not alone.  

On November 1st, Michael Menke from lienwaivers.io will be sharing tactics and strategies for QuickBooks and Sage users to manage lien waivers better.

He'll be starting at 2PM EST / 11AM PST — hope you can join us. Spots are limited.

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  • Guest speaker
    MM G
    Michael Menke Director of Revenue @ lienwaivers.io

    Director of Revenue @lienwaivers- Helping construction companies save ⏱&💰michael@lienwaivers.io / http://linkedin.com/in/menkemichael

  • Team member
    SR T
    Sean Richardson Marketing Manager @ Built Technologies

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