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💡 Best practices for cloud cost optimization and cloud migration

About this event

It is now more challenging than ever to understand enterprise technology spend in order to effectively optimize both cost and value.

Whether you have recently made the move to the Cloud or you have an established account, it is almost certain you are misspending on your cloud invoice. Learning strategies for optimizing your cloud bill can not only save you money, but it can help you better plan, budget and forecast future spending.

Led by Linkbynet FinOps expert and Amazon Web Services (AWS), this webinar will show you some insights and best practices of cloud migration, as well as the key advantages and benefits of the Cloud FinOps approach in order to optimize the costs of products and services in the cloud.

By the end of the presentation, participants will comprehend some important aspects of cloud cost management and how to address them effectively.

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    Aymeric Thas-pinot CEO @ CLOUDEASIER

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