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Reclaim your "V" to combat the 4s

About this event

The three main human instincts, social, sexual and self-preservation are very well known, but recently this last one has shifted to a more community preservation instinct. By nature, we need to socialize & to feel part of a community. As part of it, we feel that we are valued, more confident and secure.

Due to various factors we might have lost our confidence and self-esteem and this has nurtured a shift towards the cocooning wave.

Presenting V-4s™, to combat the 4s and reclaim your V’s. Break out from cocooning and V-confident, V-valued, V-secure, V-you, V-4s™

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    Ariadna Grau Campistany Peptide lab and project manager @ Lipotrue


LipoTrue is focused on obtaining advanced active ingredients through cutting-edge technological platforms.