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3 major steps towards a successful transformation journey

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What are the biggest challenges faced by organizations and leaders? What is corporate change management? How can we develop the best organizational change strategy and how to implement it? What posture and soft-skills should a manager have when proposing change?

It is essential in any company, to be able to implement change and keep up to date with market trends taking into account the human dimension, the values and the company’s culture.

Change management is one such process that businesses use to bring change at multiple levels. In this webinar, we will discuss the change management process and provide 3 steps for implementing it in your own organization. Additionally, our experts will share their experiences and tips on how to communicate and make it easy for employees to accept and embrace change.

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    Marion Choppin Grateful Co-founder @ Listen Léon

    CEO Listen Léon

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    Olivier Bérut CEO @ On peut parfaire le monde

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    Michael Servos Managing Director @ Exapt GmbH

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