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Product Showcase: Beating the Bark Beetle with Satellite Analytics

About this event

Managing and monitoring forests is challenging. They typically cover vast areas while problems like bug infestations and storm damages occur locally, with devastating effects to the ecosystem.

LiveEO is developing a product to detect Bark Beetle Infestations at an early stage and derive actionable insights for forest owners to retain the value of their resource and avoid the spreading of the problem.

At our Product Showcase Event you will learn:

  • How LiveEO uses AI and Satellite Data to detect Bark Beetle Infestations for entire forests
  • How this information becomes actionable for forest owners’ day to day work
  • What are the next steps and how you can become a beta tester

After a presentation and product demo there will be an open Q&A session to answer all of your questions.

Hoping to see you there!

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    Manuel Gremblewski

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    Andreas Naujoks LiveEO

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    TK G
    Tim Lukas Kirsch Business Development @ LiveEO

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