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livepro's LightspeedAI Unleashed - Transfer your Knowledge with AI

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US Revolutionizing Knowledge Management: livepro's LightspeedAI Unleashed - Transfer your Knowledge with AI

Stop struggling with SharePoint. Top performing contact centers are using purpose-built tools for the job, so why aren't you? Maybe migrating to a contact center knowledge management solution is in your 'too-hard' basket, you don't have the time or resources to dedicate to implementing a new system or the thought of starting from scratch seems overwhelming. We understand, and have had many clients mention this to us in the past, which prompted livepro's latest innovation in AI and knowledge management. Introducing LightspeedAI. The effortless way to migrate from your 'make-do' document storage system into a state of the art, premium knowledge management system designed for your contact center.

Join Brad Shaw, livepro's CEO, as we launch LightspeedAI and take a look into the livepro AI Knowledge Management roadmap.

Key Topics:

  • livepro AI Roadmap: Discover where we are currently in our AI journey and where we are headed. Learn how livepro's AI solutions can empower your organization and streamline knowledge management processes.
  • Cutting-edge livepro LightspeedAI: Be the first to explore our groundbreaking LightspeedAI technology. Witness how it can effortlessly import your complex, lengthy content into your knowledge management system with just a few simple steps. Experience the power of Lightspeed AI as it transforms your documents into best practice formats at lightning speed.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your knowledge management strategies with livepro's LightspeedAI. Reserve your spot today!

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Customer Experience Knowledge Management. livepro is feature-rich yet easy to use, delivering answers to agents - not long documents to dig through.