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Lead Generation - How Livestorm Uses Livestorm

About this event

Did you know the average webinar generates between 300 and 800 leads?

To help you build a lead engine, the first session of the How Livestorm Uses Livestorm Workshops is dedicated to marketing lead generation.

Africa and Pauline, Livestorm's marketing experts will talk you through how they use Livestorm to:

  • Generate leads with live online events
  • Warm up and engage these leads
  • Save time with the various integrations
  • Leverage Livestorm's analytics

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Africa Aguiar Content Marketing Associate @ Livestorm

  • Team member
    Pauline Mura Partnership Marketing Manager @ Livestorm


The end-to-end Video Engagement Platform for today's teams.

Livestorm is the browser-based platform that allows you to connect, manage, and measure all of your events in one place. Engage your audience and collaborate with ease!