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Livestorm Room Demo w/ Live from Space Station ISS

About this webinar

Hello there,

This is a demo registration page, and if you register to this webinar you will enter webinar demo room with an actual live stream from the NASA official Youtube channel

This is great if you want to take a look at our chat module, the polls or the question tab. We'll always have an eye on the room so feel free to leave your questions. I'd be happy to help you.

Make sure you browse our website and our documentation if you really want to dig deeper into the product.


"Wait, do you support only YouTube Live?" 

Nope. We have our own technology to support more than 500 attendees. We embedded the NASA live stream because it was convenient to showcase the room and let the room live forever and ever at a minimal cost for us. 

"That's not a real webinar use case"

Totally right. But it's fun though ;). If you want to see the real thing in action you can either book a 1:1 demo with me or attend one our next demo webinars.

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    Gilles Bertaux CEO @ Livestorm


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