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Panel Discussion: Fighting Churn with Stellar Customer Onboarding

About this event

Lack of proactive customer support, difficult user experience, and lack of added value are just some of the reasons for churn. Luckily, all three can be improved with impeccable customer onboarding!

In this panel discussion, customer success experts from Asana, Atrium, and Livestorm discuss how you can use customer onboarding to prevent churn and gain points in the early stages of the customer relationship.

We will cover:

  • What makes onboarding successful
  • How it can prevent churn
  • How to automate while staying personable

Join experts:

  • Sarah Bedford, Head of Customer Success at Livestorm
  • Nina Vogt, Manager of Customer Success at Asana
  • Bridget Sicard, Customer Experience Team Lead at Atrium

For a live panel discussion πŸ—“ Tuesday 23rd of November 5 PM CET (11 AM EST)

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Bridget Sicard Team lead, Customer Success @ Atrium

  • Team member
    Sarah Bedford CSM, Senior manager

  • Guest speaker
    Nina Vogt Manager, Customer Success @ Asana


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