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[SaaSCast] - Growing a B2D SaaS with Keymetrics

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[SaaSCast Ep. S02E01]

What's in there for me?

In this episode, I will be with Shubham Sharma, Head of Growth at Keymetrics.

Keymetrics is a Node.js app monitoring solution. Keymetrics is based on their own open-source technology called PM2. Join us to learn more about Keymetrics and understand better how they make the life of thousands of developers everyday.

In this episode we will talk about growing a Business to Developer (B2D) SaaS Business.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Keymetrics
  • How B2D (Business to Developer) is different from B2B
  • Go to market strategies when doing B2D
  • What it means product wise
  • What It means marketing wise
  • How to sell to developers
  • How to find developers
  • Examples from Shubham's experience


More about Keymetrics:


What's SaaSCast?

SaaSCast is a short 30 min live video-podcast format in which I interview founders and marketing professionals about growing a SaaS business. Find our last issues here.

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    SS I
    Shubham Sharma Head of Growth @ Keymetrics

    Head of Growth @keymetrics_io #pm2, I talk Node.js | Vulgarisation informatique sur @Youtube & #snapchatfamous : shub_s. ex @Mailjet @Epita

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    Gilles Bertaux CEO @ Livestorm


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