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[SaaSCast] - European SaaS Landscape

About this webinar

For this SaaSCast #6, we'll talk about SaaS businesses in the european with Nick Franklin, CEO @ Chartmogul

What's Chartmogul?

ChartMogul helps subscription businesses measure, understand and grow their recurring revenue.
This could be a SaaS, monthly gift-box or media subscription – any company that has recurring revenue.
We provide single-click integrations into Stripe, Braintree, Recurly and Chargify. Data import can also be done via CSV uploads and data export via the ChartMogul Metrics API.

What is SaaSCast?

SaaSCast is a short video-podcast format in which we talk casually about SaaS and startups for half an hour. 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Franklin CEO @ Chartmogul

  • Team member
    Gilles Bertaux CEO @ Livestorm

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