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[SaaSCast] How to Build a Customer-Driven Product?

About this webinar

Building a product people want is a challenge at every stage of your company. Whether you are building your MVP or adding an enterprise feature, you should always rely on real-world data and real customer insights.

For this SaaSCast #4 I have the pleasure to talk Customer Development and Product Management with Maxime Berthelot, PM Growth @ Buffer. 

What's Buffer?
(Do I really need to introduce Buffer? ^^)
Just in case you were living in a bunker for the past 5 years, Buffer is a software that enables you to schedule, publish and analyze all your social media posts in one place. Their have their own very unique way of handling common SaaS topics such as marketing, growth, pricing or even team management.

What is SaaSCast?
SaaSCast is a short video-podcast format in which we talk casually about SaaS and startups for half an hour. 

Technical requirements
Chrome and Firefox only please. For now. Soon every platform...Very soon.

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    Gilles Bertaux CEO @ Livestorm

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    Maxime Berthelot Product Manager Growth @ Buffer


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