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Top Tips for Engaging and Inclusive Hybrid Meetings

About this event

Ever been in a hybrid meeting and forgotten about your online attendees? Faced a silent audience of black screens? Left a meeting wondering why you even attended? This webinar is for you!

With offices shifting to a hybrid work model, the way we run meetings is also changing. Part of your team may be in the office while others are working remotely, which comes with a new set of challenges.

Livestorm and Mentimeter share their actionable tips to transform your hybrid meetings into engaging and inclusive two-way conversations for seamless collaboration.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The challenges and opportunities of hybrid meetings
  • How to deliver the same experience online and in-person
  • How to make your meetings engaging and effective

Join Thomas Dawson, PR & Brand Content Creator at Mentimeter, and Pauline Mura, Marketing Partnership Manager at Livestorm on Thursday, December 2nd, 4 PM CET.

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Thomas Dawson Brand & PR Content Creator @ Mentimeter

  • Team member
    Pauline Mura Senior Partnership Marketing Manager @ Livestorm


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