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On-time Deliveries for 10Mn+ Customers - The Supply Chain Story of World's Leading E-retailer.

About this event

Scaling up a supply chain is a challenge that not many enterprises could master in their first attempt. Bigbasket, India's leading e-retailer scaled up their business from 1 to 10 mn+ customers in just under seven years. They expanded their presence to over 30 cities across India.

Developing a supply chain is a challenge which is at the heart of any such expansion. Upsizing-procurement, maintenance and transportation in a short time frame requires decision-making capabilities far more substantial than human know-how. Right from sourcing the best vegetable and ingredients to delivering it to the correct customer address on time, every day throws a new challenge.

Learn how Bigbasket scaled up their business & supply chain from Tejas Vyas, Head of Product at Bigbasket.

During this 45 minute webinar you will learn:

How Bigbasket scaled up their supply chain & the challenges they overcame.

Recognize the nuances involved in upsizing your supply chain during peak season & beyond.

Understand the technology that helped Bigbasket take consumer-centric supply chain decisions.

The session will also include a live 10min Q & A to make sure the speakers answer all your questions.

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  • Guest speaker
    Tejas Vyas Head of Product & Design @ bigbasket.com

  • Guest speaker
    SS G
    Shaun Siler VP North America @ Locus


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