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Same day delivery and how it is changing businesses in SEA

About this event

About this webinar

This is the age of apps. Instant click, instant delivery. Works like magic, doesn’t it? But is it as easy? 

Companies struggle to crack the same-day delivery code. It is a nightmare. From wrong addresses, manual route planning and reporting, low asset utilization, lack of standardization in day-to-day procedures to dealing with everyday traffic, same-day delivery is an exercise in handling everyday chaos.  

Is there a better way to handle same-day delivery? Can tech help?

Join the webinar to know how. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Geocoding and why it is an important part of the same day delivery puzzle 
  • Real-time traffic and how it impacts same-day delivery
  • What are the other constraints when it comes to same-day delivery and how can tech address these
  • Omnichannel fulfillment to enable same-day delivery

We will have 15 minutes of live Q & A to answer questions.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Faizal Kuraesin Head of Supply Chain Partnership @ Bukalapak

    Faizal Kuraesin heads Supply Chain Partnership at Bukalapak. He has over eight years of experience in applying Lean methodologies in warehousing and end-to-end supply chain across multiple industries like Med-tech, High-tech and Fashion, and Retail.

  • Guest speaker
    Krishna Khandelwal Chief Business Officer @ Locus.sh

    Krishna heads technology sales at Locus and is responsible for client consulting and advisory solutions. His rich experience in understanding various business requirements and strategizing have helped steer the business at Locus to new heights. Krishna has over 10 years of experience in investmen...


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