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Thought leadership webinar: A Sideways Look at Strategy

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A Sideways Look at Strategy

What Brad Pitt, acid house and Winnie the Pooh can teach us about thought leadership

Behind every successful thought leadership campaign sits a clear, robust strategy. Yet all too often, companies rush into producing content without stepping back and thinking about why they’re doing it, who it’s for and how their campaign fits into the wider business environment.

Why is strategy so often overlooked? Probably because it’s seen as too abstract, complex and, yes, even boring.

We couldn’t disagree more. And to prove it, we will show you in this webinar why strategy matters by drawing on lessons from some of our favourite stories and characters from popular culture, history and mythology.

We promise you’ll never think of strategy as boring again - and what’s more, you’ll have a whole host of practical tips that you can use to make your campaigns more impactful.

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    Rob Mitchell Co-founder and CEO, Longitude and Chairman of Thought Leadership Network @ Longitude

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    Sean Kearns Editor-in-Chief @ Longitude

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