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Audience first: why a deep understanding of your audience is key to content success

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Why a deep understanding of your audience is key to content success

Ever felt a campaign failed to resonate with your audience, even though you knew the topic was entirely relevant? Perhaps the overall messaging was actually spot on, but it was the immediate hook that failed to win their attention.

Standing out is challenging, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t first define the audience you are trying to reach and think about the messages that are likely to resonate with them.

In this webinar, our audience insight specialists explain how to gather and distil critical information that will help to ensure that your campaign achieves maximum cut-through.

  • We’ll show you how to develop a map of your target audience, including their motivations, purchasing behaviour and interactions across the buyer group and beyond
  • Get practical advice and a set of resources for applying this approach to your own buyers, influencers and non-buyers
  • Learn how to craft messaging that resonates and builds an emotional connection with these audiences, and increases the likelihood of them engaging with your brand
  • Find out how to be more precise with targeting and on point with messaging, avoiding the traps of generalising your audience, and their needs

Register to attend and discover why having a deep understanding of who your audience is, as well as their needs, motivations and priorities, is fundamental to campaign success.

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    Rob Mitchell Co-founder and CEO, Longitude and Chairman of Thought Leadership Network @ Longitude

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    Sean Kearns Editor-in-Chief @ Longitude

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