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Audio storytelling showcase: Best-in-class audio thought leadership

About this event


A fresh and inspiring take on audio content for insight-led campaigns

Which brands are using audio in current thought leadership campaigns? And how is it used to best effect?

Experience best-in-class audio in our upcoming webinar, where Longitude’s head of audio Meg Wright, and our co-founder James Watson take us through recent examples of creative and innovative audio in B2B.

We discuss ways to leverage this powerful medium alongside other formats and campaign assets. And, same as always, we’ll share practical advice on how to apply these lessons to your next campaign.

Join us to hear more about:

  • Which brands are using audio to build authenticity and trust
  • How audiences respond to quality audio experiences
  • Why serialised audio content doesn’t have to mean a podcast
  • Where new techniques and audience trends are taking this booming genre.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    James Watson Co-founder and COO @ Longitude

  • Guest speaker
    Meg Wright Senior editor and head of audio @ Longitude

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