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Creativity and innovation: Thought leadership that gets cut-through

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Creativity and innovation: Thought leadership that gets cut-through

What makes some thought leadership campaigns outperform on audience engagement, while others fail to impress? And when it comes to pushing boundaries, which brands are setting new standards and leading the way in insight, storytelling and creative execution?

In this webinar, Meg Wright and Gareth Lofthouse, take a look at recent examples of real thought leadership from brands including SAS, McKinsey, ING, Microsoft and Workday, and share their perspectives on which ones excel and why.

Join us as we analyse a range of innovative content campaigns to identify tips and best practices that you can apply to your own B2B marketing strategy.

  • See campaign examples from McKinsey and Microsoft that show creativity and innovation in action
  • Discover why distinctive ideas and cutting-edge storytelling lead to stronger engagement for FIS and the Financial Times
  • Explore the latest innovations in campaign design and creative execution from Fujitsu and SAS
  • Find out which crucial areas you may want to focus on for your next campaign

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Megan Wright Senior Editor and Head of Audio @ Longitude

    With a passion for storytelling and global experience in thought leadership, Meg utilises her skills in writing, editing, podcast and video production to develop and execute strategic campaigns that drive the right results for her clients.

  • Team member
    Gareth Lofthouse Co-founder and CRO @ Longitude

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