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Thought leadership campaign showcase

About this event

Best-in-class campaigns: Our pick of the best thought leadership that will inspire your next campaign


Here at Longitude we’re proud to have worked on some of the biggest and best thought leadership campaigns in B2B. Over the years, we’ve seen campaigns of all shapes and sizes leave a lasting impression on audiences and evolve the recipe for success.

In this webinar, we explore recent examples of thought leadership to show how creative, integrated content can have real impact.

Tune in for the following:

  • See the campaigns in depth and hear what our experts love most about them
  • Find out how long-standing campaigns have evolved over time to stay cutting-edge and prevail
  • Get practical tips on how to apply the same ideas and principles to your own content campaigns

50% of attendees see immersive storytelling as their biggest opportunity in thought leadership.

This webinar is hosted by Gareth Lofthouse, Longitude co-founder and CRO, who oversees thought leadership programmes for many of our global clients and helps to design thought leadership that delivers maximum commercial impact, both in terms of building client relationships and improving brand visibility.

Gareth will be joined by Megan Wright, our senior editor and digital content specialist, who works with our clients to develop and execute strategic campaigns that fuse together research-led insight with storytelling to craft meaningful content that resonates with global audiences.

This session will be particularly useful for companies that are new to thought leadership and those looking for a new approach to their content campaigns.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Megan Wright Senior editor and head of audio @ Longitude

  • Team member
    Gareth Lofthouse Co-founder and CRO @ Longitude

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