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B2B content in a crisis: Messaging that resonates today and beyond Covid-19

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Thought leadership redefined | Messaging that resonates today and beyond Covid-19


Is your content and editorial strategy keeping pace as your customers move into the next phase of the coronavirus crisis?

Brands have had to completely rethink their thought leadership programmes in recent months. Many are struggling to ensure that their content remains relevant and resonates powerfully with audiences at different phases of the crisis. Given that countries and industries will re-emerge from the crisis at different speeds, there is added complexity -- the right messaging and tone for one customer can miss the mark for another. So how do you ensure your content stays valuable, timely and relevant across your global customer base?

For the second discussion in our ‘Content in a crisis’ webinar series, Thought Leadership Network has lined up an exciting team of speakers from Accenture and insight-led marketing specialists Longitude, who will share their expertise and insight on this important stage of change in our adaptation and recovery.

Join us for this online conversation to find out:

  • How to ensure that your thought leadership messages are relevant to the audience, now and for the next stage of the crisis
  • How to actively engage with audiences on content when they have so much going on in their own businesses
  • How to manage messaging to stay relevant in multiple markets, where customers are at different stages of recovery
  • Should revenue generation take a back seat as a goal for thought leadership during the crisis?


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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Rob Mitchell Co-founder and CEO, Longitude and Chairman of Thought Leadership Network @ Longitude

  • Guest speaker
    Tia McPhee Global Brand Director @ Financial Times

  • Team member
    Sean Kearns Editor-in-Chief @ Longitude

  • Guest speaker
    Matthew McGuinness Content Marketing Director, Growth & Strategy @ Accenture

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