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The New Marketing Mission: How sustainability is redefining the marketer’s role

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Join us for our latest webinar as we discuss new research on the unique opportunity for marketers to own the narrative around sustainability.

The rise of sustainability and brand purpose is creating new challenges for marketers who are at the forefront of communicating their companies’ vision and strategy on these issues.

Sustainability communications requires new skills and capabilities. It’s no longer just about engaging customers: marketers need to learn how to engage a new set of stakeholders. And the message is becoming more complex too.

The transition for the marketing profession is underway - but not yet complete. Many leaders are only now beginning to sense what this dramatic shift in the landscape means for their mission and role. This is a timely opportunity to learn:

  • What’s different about sustainability marketing, versus more traditional approaches?
  • How does it change the mission for marketing? How will the rise of sustainability enable the profession to redefine marketing’s place at the heart of the business?
  • How do you communicate your brand purpose and sustainability credentials effectively - while avoiding the “greenwash” trap?

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  • Guest speaker
    Tracy Waxman Zurich

  • Guest speaker
    Ioannis Ioannou Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship @ London Business School

  • Team member
    Rob Mitchell Co-founder and CEO, Longitude and Chairman of Thought Leadership Network @ Longitude

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