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The Way Ahead: Crisis changes the direction of thought leadership

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The Way Ahead: Crisis changes the direction of thought leadership


Business audiences are seeking insights to help them navigate towards recovery. Marketing and communications teams have moved beyond providing day-to-day reassurance for their customers and employees. Now they must be ready to give their audiences a distinctive and compelling vision for the post-crisis world. But how? 

This webinar series provides new thinking and practical advice on why leading B2B brands must rethink their thought leadership to stay ahead in a fast-moving market.


Resetting thought leadership objectives and rebooting the model

Most marketing teams responded to the early stages of the pandemic by producing practical, actionable content that helped clients to solve immediate problems or just survive. But one downside of this approach can be an over-emphasis on short-term thinking that obscures the more powerful, long-term benefits of intelligent content. 

Now marketers are under pressure to change tack and support new business priorities. They need a thought leadership engine that can rapidly produce powerful and timely ideas in a complex and fast-changing environment. They also need clarity on their objectives. What does the business want from marketers, and how should they strike the balance between brand-building and commercial goals?

In this webinar, we will explore what’s changed and how to adapt, and give guidance on the following:

  • The four biggest challenges brands now face when setting objectives
  • Five ways to achieve your goals (and measure them properly)
  • Our measurement framework and how to apply it within your organisation
  • The four major changes the pandemic has made to process and how to respond
  • Six ways to develop a powerful content engine
  • The multi-speed content model and what it means in practice

Details on the second webinar in this series will be announced shortly.

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    Rob Mitchell Co-founder and CEO, Longitude and Chairman of Thought Leadership Network @ Longitude

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    Gareth Lofthouse Co-founder and CRO @ Longitude

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