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The Way Ahead: Meeting new audience needs with distinctive, timely content

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The Way Ahead: Crisis changes the direction of thought leadership


Business audiences are seeking insights to help them navigate towards recovery. Marketing and communications teams have moved beyond providing day-to-day reassurance for their customers and employees. Now they must be ready to give their audiences a distinctive and compelling vision for the post-crisis world. But how? 

This webinar series provides new thinking and practical advice on why leading B2B brands must rethink their thought leadership to stay ahead in a fast-moving market.

WEBINAR 2: Meeting new audience needs with distinctive, timely content

The priorities of your audience have shifted significantly since the onset of the crisis. 

Intelligent content starts and ends with a deep understanding of your customers. But many companies are struggling to keep up with their changing needs. 

Your content has to demonstrate that you’ve listened, and that you are acting on what you’ve heard. So how do you make sure your content is distinctive and relevant at every stage of the crisis?

In this webinar, we share insights that will help you to craft content that resonates with your audience and inspires action. 

Tune in for expert guidance on the following:

  • What B2B audiences want, and the challenge of engaging them effectively
  • How to build a detailed audience map for your buyers
  • The most common crisis content pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Our top tips to keep your content distinctive and relevant

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    Gareth Lofthouse Co-founder and CRO @ Longitude

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    Sean Kearns Editor-in-Chief @ Longitude

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