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Visual storytelling: Designing high-impact campaigns that win hearts and minds

About this event

Visual storytelling: Designing high-impact campaigns that win hearts and minds


B2B content used to be a backwater for design, characterised by parched white papers and outdated websites overwhelmed by text and data. Now, savvy marketers recognise the need to create more human and engaging experiences for their audiences, and turn to specialists in data visualisation and information design to help communicate more effectively.

In our latest Masterclass, Emma Hicks, Longitude's Head of Information Design, talks about how cutting-edge design techniques can be used to ensure all content creates impact. In conversation with Gareth Lofthouse, co-founder and CRO, Emma will draw on recent examples of effective information design that demonstrate best practice in this area and share practical advice on how to make your campaigns more creative, distinctive and engaging.

Join us to hear more about:

  • Unique challenges in B2B storytelling -- how great information design helps bring your story to life
  • Simplifying complexity -- why cutting-edge creatives brings clarity to big ideas
  • Data journalism -- how to apply techniques from the world of news broadcasting to build audience
  • Immersive content -- why intelligent design entices audiences to explore and interact
  • Top trends for 2021 and beyond -- new approaches to data design and visual storytelling for the year ahead

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Emma Hicks Head of Information Design @ Longitude

  • Team member
    Gareth Lofthouse Co-founder and CRO @ Longitude

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