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EV salary sacrifice and your company

About this event

loveelectric works with thousands of forward-thinking companies across the UK to deliver the best green employee benefit.

Through our electric car salary sacrifice scheme, loveelectric enables employees to unlock savings of up to 60% on new and used EVs: an equivalent of a £10,000+ raise at no cost to their employer.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice scheme will help propel your company’s sustainability strategy and help you attract and retain the happiest talent in your industry. 

Why attend?

  • Affordable EVs for all: Enable your teammates to access electric cars at the best prices - saving them up to 60% on their monthly lease.
  • Impress the talent pool: Find out how you can offer current and future an effective £10,000 pay rise at £0 cost to your company.
  • Sustainability trailblazers: Position your company as an eco-conscious leader and knock your Scope 3 carbon emissions on the head. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how easy it is for your company to offer the best green employee benefit. Register now and be a part of the sustainable revolution with loveelectric.

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love the car. love the price. love the planet.

loveelectric’s EV salary sacrifice benefit can halve the monthly cost of any new electric car.