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AI and Life Sciences: The Future

About this event

How will AI affect the delivery of healthcare?

Event Details:

Artificial intelligence (AI) contains within itself the potential to change countless areas of our daily lives beyond recognition, none more so than the provision of healthcare.

In this prescient and essential 90-minute panel discussion for LSAA members, a leading group of Industry Commentators and Senior Leaders will explain the potentials and risks of AI, describe its potential to effect change, and ask what an AI future will mean for the Industry, the NHS and the patient population.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How will AI affect the delivery of healthcare?
  • What are the benefits and risks?
  • Which sectors and services are most likely to change and how?
  • Which professions will be most impacted?
  • What will AI mean for the individual, their treatment and data?

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  • Guest speaker
    Paul Simms CEO @ Impatient Health

    Paul is the CEO of Impatient Health. He is often described as the ‘pharma provocateur’ for his efforts to rethink and realize the huge unfulfilled potential of the life sciences industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Andree Bates Chairman of the Board/Founder/CEO @ Eularis

    Dr. Andrée Bates is a leading Artificial Intelligence thought leader and the founder and CEO of Eularis, a firm focused on tackling pharma industry challenges with artificial intelligence since 2003.

  • Guest speaker
    Annamaria Crisan Medical Information Global Systems and Operations Effectiveness Lead @ Pfizer

    Annamaria Crisan is part of the Pfizer Medical Information organization. She oversees their technology ecosystem from a business perspective.

  • Guest speaker
    José Maria Guido Avila Global Dupixent Patient Experience Lead Respiratory @ Sanofi

    José is the winner of the 2nd prize in 2011 LatAm Best Practice Award for the establishment of a Business Intelligence measurement system in high specialty markets.

  • Guest speaker
    Sophie Thornander Program Director for Circular Economy and ESG Transformation Program at Global Group Sustainability @ Philips

    Sophie is a program director for the Circular Economy and ESG Transformation program at the global Group Sustainability team at Philips. Sophie is also the sustainability business partner for the Enterprise Informatics businesses and has over the years built up expertise in greening software & AI models.

  • Guest speaker
    Tobias Silberzahn Partner @ McKinsey’s Berlin office

    Tobias Silberzahn is a trained biochemist and immunologist and works as a Partner in McKinsey’s Berlin office where he is a member of the Life Sciences and Innovation Practice. The focus areas of his work are healthcare innovation, health tech business-building and digital transformation.

  • Team member
    Ian Chamberlain Managing Director @ Life Science Access Academy

    Ian co-founded the Life Science Access Academy with Nigel Robbins to bring together all the best ideas in people development from more than 20 innovative specialist consultancies.

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