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Hybrid Speaker Meeting

About this event

Hybrid Speaker Meetings – combining both face-to-face and virtual attendance – have never been more popular as organisations recognise they can deliver business efficiencies, improve communication, and support commitments to environmental change.

Event Details:

In this engaging and highly relevant webinar, Andy Bounds, a leading expert on impactful communication, explores and explains the dynamics of Hybrid Speaker Meetings and how you can lead them effectively while ensuring their potential is maximised for all participants.

This is a fast-paced and high-impact webinar that will equip you with new and practical skills, and increased confidence in the Hybrid Speaker Meeting environment.

Andy provides insights into the challenge of:

  • Effectively chairing Hybrid Speaker Meetings
  • ‘Owning’ the meeting – acquiring the necessary confidence skills
  • Facilitating debate and interactive Q&A
  • Triggering actions and creating directed outcomes
  • Successful follow-up and takeaways – ensuring commitments are acted upon

Our expert:

Andy Bounds has long been acknowledged as an expert on impactful communication. Voted the UK’s Sales Trainer of the Year, he has also written best-selling books on communication.

Andy’s lifelong interest in the importance of communication originally came from his mother, who is blind. Learning to communicate effectively with someone without being able to rely upon visual clues deepened Andy’s understanding of and fascination for effective communication, leading to his development into one of the most sought-after experts on the subject.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ian Chamberlain Managing Director @ Life Science Access Academy

    Ian co-founded the Life Science Access Academy with Nigel Robbins to bring together all the best ideas in people development from more than 20 innovative specialist consultancies.

  • Guest speaker
    Andy Bounds Andy Bounds

    Sales and communication expert Andy Bounds’s mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of mastering communication when people can’t see you – a critical skill for us all to master in today’s Virtual World. Andy was voted ‘Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year’, and has authored three international best-selling books on sales. He’s worked in 40+ countries, helping some of the world’s largest and most famous companies to sell more and communicate better. Marketing legend Drayton Bird said Andy had taught him “… more about effective communicating than a lady who’d previously taught two American Presidents”. A former Global PR Director of AstraZeneca said Andy “… is a genius whose advice cannot be ignored”. And Barclays said “Andy Bounds helped us win our largest ever deal – worth £2.6billion”

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