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Oncology and the New NHS

About this event

Cancer was highlighted in the NHS backlog plan but, as the challenges facing the NHS keep stacking up, will it remain centre stage?

In the new world of integrated care systems (ICSs) it would seem as though oncology is still receiving increasing focus, opening up even more opportunities for industry.

In this FREE 60-minute live event, we are joined by one of the Soar Beyond experts to explore how ICSs will impact oncology within the NHS.

We will hear from an NHS Oncology Expert to discuss the decisions and tactics that Life Sciences needs to look out for when working within this sector.

This session will cover:

  • Cancer as a priority in the NHS backlog plan – where next?
  • What are some of the likely tactical measures the NHS may deploy on national, regional or local levels?
  • How will the NHS interpret the changes relating to ICSs?
  • What impact will this have on the industry?
  • Will decisions made about adoption of oncology treatments be national or local?
  • How will these decisions be implemented?

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  • Guest speaker
    Soar Beyond

    Passionate about making a difference, Soar Beyond delivers innovative, creative solutions to our NHS customers and pharmaceutical industry partners. Founded in 2007, Soar Beyond has evolved and grown in both the breadth and depth of our services, yet we have always retained our core raison d’etre. Our mission is to drive meaningful outcomes and experiences through medicines and we work with the NHS, the pharmaceutical industry, and local authorities to achieve this. We are a pharmacist-led team of NHS and Industry change experts as well as clinical writers and trainers.

  • Team member
    Ian Chamberlain Managing Director @ Life Science Access Academy

    Ian co-founded the Life Science Access Academy with Nigel Robbins to bring together all the best ideas in people development from more than 20 innovative specialist consultancies.

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