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Customer Support: Using insights to hear your customers, engage your employees and improve your profits

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Richard Jeffreys is a CX leader with significant experience gained from a variety of executive roles in FinTech, Investment and Corporate Banking. Richard, who is Human Centred Design Certified and a Six Sigma Black Belt, has lived and worked in US, Europe and Asia working with companies such as J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. He has visited customers in every region, across all Financial Service segments, leading to significant $mm revenue retention and new commercial opportunities.

His impressive resume includes, for example, transforming a customer service function of 800 people and 40 locations and designing a new digital product from customer insights with >$25m revenues in Year 1.


Through a discussion with Taru Aalto from Lumoa, Richard will share his learnings on topics such as:

  • Evolution of customer support function and the requirements for modern companies
  • Impact of digital channels on customer service
  • How large and complex organizations can ensure that the voice of their customers are truly heard
  • Practical steps to take to become more customer centric
  • Trends in customer behaviour and their impact on the customer experience

You will also be able to ask questions.

Webinar is sponsored by Lumoa, an AI based customer insight platform.

ps. Want to join but the timing is not suitable? You can still register and will get a link to watch the recording afterwards. If possible, we always recommend joining the LIVE session so you can easily ask questions and chat with presenters and other participants.

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