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Mastering Audience Targeting: Eliminating Invalid Traffic

About this event

Audience targeting has been shown to have a dramatic effect on the efficacy of paid acquisition initiatives, but how can we be sure we’re basing our targeting on ‘genuine’ data?

In this informal chat, we’ll discuss how excluding invalid traffic from your programmatic channels can significantly increase the accuracy of your audience targeting, leading to increases in conversion and acquisition.

We’ll look at these benefits from the perspectives of both brands and digital agencies based on real data.

You will learn:

  • What happens when you work with clean ad traffic
  • Ways in which you can optimize audience targeting
  • How to identify and exclude unwanted traffic across all acquisition channels
  • What agencies are doing to enhance targeting, optimize campaigns and increase ROAS with clean data
  • How to get started today

Even if you can't make it, sign up anyway and we'll send you the recording afterwards.

About Lunio

We’ve built the world’s first truly automated, multi-network click fraud prevention platform. With millions of ad clicks analyzed in real-time, our system detects and blocks unwanted clicks across all paid acquisition channels with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring you only receive legitimate visits to your ads and saving you as much as 30% on ad spend. It’s difficult to optimize digital campaigns with invalid, non-converting clicks. Make sure your campaigns are clean with our free, no-obligation trial at https://lunio.com/

About Within

WITHIN is the only Performance Branding company. We reimagine the branding approach, aligning marketing goals with business goals in a way that compounds the success of every campaign on every channel. Our focus on LTV segmentation and incremental bidding sets us apart from our competitors. From custom-built digital marketing campaigns to performance creative to influencer marketing to TV and go-to market strategy, growth comes from WITHIN.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Fynn Partner Manager @ Within

    Mike Fynn is a Partner Manager at WITHIN. Mike specializes in discovering, nurturing, and facilitating WITHIN’s partnership network to ensure first-rate technology for clients. Mike has experience working strategically across digital platforms and uses that expertise to pair partners with specific client needs.

  • Team member
    Peter Rawlinson Chief Marketing Officer @ Lunio

    Previously the CMO at Malwarebytes and Datto, Pete now spends his time educating the world about the risks of invalid traffic.

  • Team member
    Amar Chana Partnerships Lead @ Lunio

    With a background in client account management at some of Manchester's largest firms, Amar now leads the Lunio partner program.


We are Lunio. We stop click fraud everywhere.

Bot traffic is a growing concern for many advertisers and website owners out there. Find out how to stop invalid traffic and advertising fraud from affecting your business.