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Rinse And Repeat: How Fraudulent Ad Traffic Is Spinning Campaigns Out Of Control

About this event

With many businesses increasing their online footprint, there’s been a boom in the ad fraud industry. After all, where the money goes, fraud will follow.

As marketers focus on pumping their campaigns with money and driving up ROAS, many don’t realize this is what fills the coffers of ad networks, rather than their business.

What used to be viewed as a small problem has now become a billion-dollar calamity.

Bots, click farms, and other types of invalid traffic are becoming increasingly sophisticated, to the point where the human eye can’t tell the difference between a real and fake click.

Register now to find out more about:

  • The cost of bad data on your marketing budget
  • The downstream impact of ad fraud across business operations.
  • How agencies like Incubeta use click fraud to maximise ROAS and expand user reach.

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About Lunio

The world’s first truly automated, multi-network click fraud prevention platform. Powered by a cybersecurity engine to help analyze millions of ad clicks in real-time, PPC Protect detects and blocks invalid clicks across all paid acquisition channels with unparalleled accuracy. Join 6,000+ brands & agencies advertise with confidence by eliminating ad fraud. Try it for free now.

About Incubeta

Incubeta is a marketing partner built specifically to help businesses upgrade their growth. With 20+ years of experience in the digital space, Incubeta puts the ownership and control of the customer experience back in the hands of the advertiser. Find out more at Incubeta.com.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Peter Rawlinson Chief Marketing Officer @ Lunio

    Previously the CMO at Malwarebytes and Datto, Pete now spends his time educating the world about the risks of invalid traffic.

  • Guest speaker
    Josh Little Senior Social Specialist @ Incubeta

    Josh has 5 years’ experience in the marketing industry working on some of the largest UK brands with specific experience in international expansion campaigns, and currently works alongside PPC Protect to manage Fraud Protection opportunities at Incubeta.


We are Lunio. We stop click fraud everywhere.

Bot traffic is a growing concern for many advertisers and website owners out there. Find out how to stop invalid traffic and advertising fraud from affecting your business.