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The Secrets to Generating Qualified Leads with Paid Social

About this event

Customer acquisition is the top priority for most marketers in 2022. But are your paid social channels performing as well as they could be?

Humans make up less than 40% of the internet’s traffic. The rapid growth of social media bots, fake users, and ad fraud has caused a corresponding spike in bad paid social data for most businesses. Countless hours are now routinely wasted investigating leads that don’t actually exist or are never going to convert.

But what if you could stop low quality and fake leads from engaging with your ads in the first place? That’s what the “Era of Exclusion” is all about - improving your audience targeting on socials to ensure you’re reaching real buyers, not bots.

In this conversation we’ll break down some common paid social challenges and provide tips on how to boost authentic ad engagement, clean up your funnels, and drastically reduce your cost-per-acquisition for genuine leads..

Expect to learn:

  • The different use cases for gated vs ungated content in paid social
  • How to measure paid social performance holistically
  • How to identify and exclude bots and fake users on social channels
  • How to use audience exclusions to make your ads more cost-effective
  • Best practices for creating high-performing social media ads

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About Lunio

We’ve built the world’s first truly automated, multi-network click fraud prevention platform. With millions of ad clicks analyzed in real-time, our system detects and blocks unwanted clicks across all paid acquisition channels with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring you only receive legitimate visits to your ads and saving you as much as 30% on ad spend. See for yourself with our free trial.

About Hallam

Hallam is a strategic digital marketing agency. We exist to do good work – with good people – that gets real results. Results your C-Suite can get excited about. We believe the best results come from collaboration – not only between agency and client but internally as well. That's why we take a one-agency approach: a unified way of working across all services, blending data, creativity and technology to deliver marketing strategies with lasting results. Visit https://www.hallaminternet.com/

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Alex Jackson Paid Social Lead @ Hallam

    Alex works across all aspects of paid social at Hallam. With a keen eye for data analysis, Alex works closely with the technical teams and other paid channel teams and is a keen advocate that the best strategy is an omnichannel approach.

  • Team member
    James Deeney Content Manager @ Lunio

    James is the Content Manager at Lunio and a daily(ish) meditator who battles writer’s block with caffeine and chocolate. He specialises in SEO, copy that converts, and podcast production.

  • Team member
    Leonardo Pizarro Head of Demand Generation @ Lunio

    Leonardo is the Head of Demand Generation at Lunio. He has a passion for scaling up startups, artificial intelligence and peanut butter.

  • Team member
    Amar Chana Partnerships Lead @ Lunio

    With a background in client account management at some of Manchester's largest firms, Amar now leads the Lunio partner program.


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