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Turning Advertising Insights into Action

About this event

The problem with most advertising optimizations is that they don’t go to the root of the problem: invalid and fraudulent clicks.

There’s no point prettifying the bottom of your sales funnel if you’re filling the top with traffic that will never convert.

During this short 20-minute webinar, you’ll see how understanding what’s in your ad traffic is the key to unlocking invaluable insights.

We’ll run you through:

  • The impact of unknown traffic on your marketing ROI
  • Inside an advertiser’s typical traffic stream
  • How insights from non-converting clicks are just as valuable as converting
  • Why cleaning your traffic data drastically improves campaign performance

Switch up the way you look at optimizing campaigns. Reserve your spot today!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Peter Rawlinson Chief Marketing Officer @ Lunio

    Previously the CMO at Malwarebytes and Datto, Pete now spends his time educating the world about the risks of invalid traffic.

  • Guest speaker
    Lewis Kemp CEO @ Lightbulb Media


We are Lunio. We stop click fraud everywhere.

Bot traffic is a growing concern for many advertisers and website owners out there. Find out how to stop invalid traffic and advertising fraud from affecting your business.