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RedTalks S2#6: Application of PET scanning in B cell lymphoma

About this event

CALYM Institute launches its RedTalks, a Series of scientific Webinars

RedTalks S2#6: CAR-T cells: Application of PET scanning in B cell lymphoma

We are very pleased to introduce Pr. Judith Trotman, a lymphoma clinician researcher who provides global leadership in charting the role of PET scanning in lymphoma. She is committed to embedding quality clinical trials into clinical care and to the implementation of research findings into practice as evidenced by her successful MBS listing of PET for indolent lymphomas. She has developed several digital research initiatives in collaborations with patients, including ClinTrial Refer and the WhiMSICAL study.

Pr. Trotman worked as a scholar and clinician in 2009-2010 in the Clinical Research Unit in Hôpital Lyon-Sud, France, within LYSA, the world leading French lymphoma trials collaborative. Her own research demonstrating the predictive power of PET-CT response assessment after first-line therapy in PRIMA, the world's largest clinical trial in Follicular Lymphoma, impacted on NCCN guidelines and was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 2011

Committed to both Australian based research and international collaborations she is a member of the ALLG (Australian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group) Scientific Advisory Committee and the Chair of the Low Grade Lymphoma Committee.

Pr. Trotman is coinventor of ClinTrial Refer, a smartphone and tablet App that has facilitated increased collaboration in cross-referral and recruitment to clinical trials across 18 research portfolios internationally. Her research interest are lymphoproliferative diseases, myeloma, multidisciplinary care and PET.

Last but not least, we are also pleased to welcome great moderators: Dr. René Olivier Casasnovas, clinician in the department of Clinical Hematology (CHU of Dijon) and Dr. Paul Blanc-Durand, nuclear physician at the Henri-Mondor hospital.

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    Judith Trotman

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    Paul Blanc Durand

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