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RedTalks S3e5: Combining glofitamab with costimulatory bispecifics

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CALYM Institute launches its RedTalks, a Series of scientific Webinars

RedTalks s3e5: Combining glofitamab with costimulatory bispecifics

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Christian Klein, Head Oncology Programs & Department Head Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery and Site Head, Roche Innovation Center Zurich

After studying at the University of Tübingen in 1998, Dr Klein performed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with Robert Huber and Roche. His doctorate focused on the biochemical and structural studies on proteins of the p53 tumor suppressor network: p53, p63 and MDM2. Dr Klein’s journey at Roche started in 2002 as a postdoctoral fellow in the Therapeutic Protein Initiative in Penzberg. He then became Lab and Department Head in Discovery Oncology, in 2003 and 2007 respectively. Since 2010, he has been Head of Oncology Program and Department Head Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery 3 at the Roche Innovation Center Zurich. In 2019, Dr Klein took on the additional role as Site Head for Roche Innovation Center, Zurich, Roche pRED’s Center of Excellence for Cancer Immunotherapy. In parallel, he completed his habilitation in Biochemistry and now acts as lecturer at the LMU Munich and at the University of Zürich.

During his 20 years Roche tenure, Dr. Klein made major contributions to the discovery, engineering, validation and preclinical development of therapeutic/bispecific antibodies for cancer immunotherapy including GAZYVA, VABYSMO and glofitamab. He received the Drug Discovery of the Year 2015 award by the British Pharmacological Society and various Roche pRED, Roche Award of Excellence and Inventors’ Gold Medal awards.

During this RedTalk, Dr. Klein will present an overview and update on preclinical properties of the T cell bispecific antibody glofitamab and the combination of glofitamab with bispecific costimulatory bispecific antibodies CD19-4-1BBL and CD19-CD28 that are currently in active clinical development

Last but not least, we are also pleased to welcome great moderators: Pr. Michel Cogné, Deputy Director of the MOBIDIC Team UMR INSERM U1236 in Rennes (France) and Dr. Laurie Sehn, Clinical Professor with the BC Cancer Centre for Lymphoid Cancer and University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada).

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